File's date changed!

Hi everyone.
I’m using my western digital Cloud disk, just now, using it coping file from my iMac to the western digital disk by FINDER, I saw that it changes my file date with the actual ones.

Just to be clear using an example. I have a jpg file of a normal photo that I did with my digital camera. This jpg file have a creation date of 3 years ago. If I copy this file using finder on my network disk on cloud (we are on the same network, linked by ethernet), the file on the CLOUD backup disk change its creation date on the actual one 31th of may 2016!

How I can avoid this bad problem?
Thanks to all for your help.

Many times that is the nature of how copying a file to a new location like an NAS drive (or external hard drive) works. See the following link that explains how to copy/move files around on a Mac and preserve the file date

How to move files around in OS X Finder while maintaining permissions and ownership data