Files Copy Rather Than Move

Hi gang. I read elsewhere on this forum that someone had the same issue I’m experiencing, but it doesn’t appear to have been resolved.

I just bought a new My Passport drive. I copied many folders from my computer on it. Now I want to create a main folder and move all of the others into it.

But whenever I try, it copies these other folders rather than moving them.

How can I solve this?


How are you executing your copy command?
Control+C ? more details please

ok, so I dragged and dropped the folders from my computer onto my external drive. Then, afterwards, I created a brand new folder on the external drive and grabbed the already copied folders overtop of it, hoping that they would just all move into it. But instead of moving, they made additional copies inside of it! I kept trying this again and again - same thing.

Someone else on this forum had the exact problem but it wasn’t resolved.

That sounds strange but then again, it’s MPW and not a normal external USB drive.

  • Are you is Direct Attached Storage (DAS) mode? meaning the MPW is direct connected to your computer via USB cable?
  • Are you in NAS mode with the computer WiFi connected to the MPW and using Samba?
  • Or are you in NAS mode with the computer WiFi and MPW WiFi connected to the network router and you are accessing Samba via local LAN?
  • What file system? The older units were formatted as xFAT and the newer NTFS

PERSONALLY: I would never execute a move even on the same drive to prevent any type of data loss, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Hi socallinux.

Thanks for your reply. In response to your questions:

• Yes, the drive is directly attached via USB
• I have no idea what that even is!
• Nor do I know what this is!
• I formatted the drive as Mac OS Journaled.

I don’t use wifi for the drive - just basic plug-n-use.

In the past, I’ve had external drives that allowed me the freedom to move folders around and put existing folders inside of others with no issue.