Files Copied, Moved or Synched - But still 'No Media in Folder'?


Bought the WD TV Live Hub Media Player on the weekend so I could copy all my files from my External Storage devices and play on the TV in the spare room.

I don’t have the internet, so haven’t been able to create a network, so instead I’ve connected my External Storage Drive via USB - which is obviously one of the options.

My problem is not getting the files on to the hub, but finding them and playing them.

I’ve tried copying, synchronizing and even moving. The files go across ok and save on the internal storage but when I eject the USB device and try and play them from the internal storage there’s nothing there?!?!

I know the files are there somewhere, because the memory shows it.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to stream content from my extrernal drive, I want to copy and play from Internal Storage.

Please help. Will be aking this back at the weekend if I can’t get it to do what I bought it for…


Try totally power down the device (5sec .power button down) Hope it helps.

Thanks for the tip but no joy - don’t think it’s anything  to do with cables, power off etc.

It’s as if it’s just acting as a storage unit by adding all this files, but not playing them.

They’re all acceptable files so that’s not the issue - they’re on there somewhere.


Power off is a WD-ism, sometimes you have to totally power it off to find new files.

So you can play the files from the external drive ?

And can you see them on the internal with the external still connected. ?

I would try formatting the internal drive and giving it a shot then, worth a shot.

Just copy 1 folder, and then you will know if its sorted.

Did you make sure that you were looking at the internal storage for the file listing (Red source button)?

Viewing the files on the External Drive via the hub would be a different source than viewing the files that are on the internal drive.  You’ll want to go to Files (or Video, or whatever), press the Red button and select “Local Storage”, “Internal Storage”.  (I may not have the verbiage quite right, but it’s something like that.)

If you go into setup, does the disk manager show that space on the disk is being used?  (That is, the files are really there and taking up about the right amount of space?)

Yup, changed the view to check the internal storage and there’s no media, then checked on Disk Manager which shows 45gb has been used…


Now I was using about 40gb on my internal the other week, its hard to explain as it was indicating used space, but in reality it was an old synch folder, and when I looked at it, the directory structure was really old compared to how it looked now.

The main point was, the files did not show up on the drive as Music / Videos…

Format the internal drive, Move a folder across, then try it then

Format and recopy is certainly an option. 

I might recommend picking up an Ethernet cable and trying to connect your PC to the Hub directly.  I believe (but can’t guarantee) that the Hub is auto-switching so no crossover cable is required.  (If the port lights up you’re good to go.)

You should be able to set the IP address on the Hub and the PC manually.  Using the network share on the Hub is the easiest way to verify the file system independent of the Hub’s GUI. If you’ve never setup a network before this might be a bit of a pain though… but it would be worth it for future transfers.

Another thought: You don’t by chance have the Parental Controls turned on do you?  The “Folder Lock” feature causes the specified folder to completely vanish from the GUI.  This is a bit disconcerting if you’re not expecting it. (I would have rather been asked for the password when the specified folder is navigated… much like the services operate, but it’s better than nothing.)

Ok, we’ve made some progress…Cleared Media Library in setup and it re-built with all the videos magically.