Files compatible Mac / Android working together on my cloud 3T

I have a wd 3 TB mycloud Terminal configured once on a Mac and would like to know if the reading/sending /reception, can be made from an Android system?

Yes, SFTP client like ES File Explorer File Manager or SSH client like ConnectBot.

ok, just download these applications on mobile Android,and it works? (sharing data between Mac and Android).

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Not sure what you wanted to achieve. Sharing between Mac and Android you could just link them together by several methods just like how you link Mac to MyCloud.

Yes. If you use a File Manager app on Android, and connect to the MyCloud (for instance, using SMB), you can access whatever files you want, local to your network.

The MyCloud is just a file server. It doesn’t care what computers access it (Mac, PC, Android), provided they access it using protocols it supports (SMB, AFP, FTP, DLNA, etc.).

OK thank you. for now I’ll stick with the Mac system and discover all the possibilities.

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Merci pour ces précisions .

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