Files can't be protected on a write- protected disk

During the down load of a file, I accidentally unplugged the USB from the HD. When I tried restarting the down load, I keep getting this error “Disk G: is write-protected. Files can’t be protected on a write- protected disk.” How can I remove the write-protect error, with out losing the rest of my HD? It will not allow me to delete any files. thanks for helping


Can you check your hard drive for errors and defragment it? If this does not fix your hard drive’s partition problems then something damaged your drive’s partition. I would recommend that you use drive partitioning or data recovery software to repair your hard drive’s partition. I would also recommend that you run an Extended Test using our Windows diagnostic utility. If you don’t care about the information on the drive then you should be able to repartition/format it and it should work.

Please see the links below for more information:

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WD KB #940: How to test a drive for problems using Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

I had a problem with this and went into device manager and deleted the driver and rebooted. That fixed it for me. I ran into this after uninstalling the backup software.