Files being deleted

I was transferring files from my PC to a drive attached to the WD SMP. Took a look to see how it was going and all files except the .wdtv folder have been deleted!!! Anyone else had this?

Not a problem, although quite a few of us (including me) experienced the Live changing the byte size of an ISO to “0 bytes”.

WD says they are looking into this, so meanwhile, the best course of action is to always unmount the attached drives before turning off the WD or removing a drive.  Also, HAVE BACKUPS of the ISO files!

Perhaps your drive was not completely finished adding the files, so turn of things and then recheck ; maybe even connect the drive directly to the PC to check for the files presence.

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Panic over, I connected the drive to the PC, as mike27oct said, they’re still there. I’ve basically been using it as a NAS system with three drives attached via USB, oh well. Thanks for the quick response.

it does this to me as well when copying files over the network to the drive attached to the SMP.
its funny cause it only does it when moving files into folders after they’re copied to the drive and not all the time.
but sure enough if I copy the same file over it asks if I want to copy and replace the same file.

If I wait though they eventually show back up after the devices power cycles a few times, no biggie.

I can see space used on the drive: But I cant open it I had files like Action, drama, My Pic, WD Manual  you get the picture

Its all gone. How do I get that back.???