Files are not visible to restore

I can’t tell even if they are currently being backed up.

I went to restore a file I accidentally erased only to discover the directory (foldr) for that file was not even on the list. The file was an .xls file many of which are found under the “documents” list. When I want to the parent folder I found several folders that don not exists (or no longer do) on my computer. I could not find the folder where this file was.

I could not find any way to confirm that backups are continuing to be done.

How can I:

  1. confirm thagt fiels are being backed up

  2. find a file when I can’t find the folder

I am using WD smarware version (Yeah, I know it’s old, but it should still work)

I am on Widnwos 7

Thanks for your help.

Go to the drive and browse the folder smartware_stor or smartware

this folders has all the backed up files