Files are getting lost on the device


I’m facing a strange problem with mycloud home 4T. I copy large files to the device using windows 10. The copy is successful and all the files are shown. Then if I change folder and then get back to the same folder, or just refresh windows explorer, about half of the files go missing.

After finding this problem, I checked my previous files which were stored in different folders. I have found that many of my files have gone missing. I use the device as a backup and I have lost many files.

The device is not shared with anyone and only my laptop is connected to it.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

Thank you

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Hi there, i have about the same problem with MyCloudHome 4T, it started to work with no problem, i upload files into it, personal cloud and public section, while transferring files from public to personal, suddenly thru my network i could not get to the files anymore, it shows an notice that “Your my cloud device might be offline or rebooting, check that it plugged in and connected to the internet”. It was plugged in and connected to the internet, my network sees the ip address, the mac address, don’t see the name tho, and i can’t get access to my files. i tried everything in my connaissance to read the drive and see my file but nothing. Can someone tell me what else i should try? Thank you.