Files and folders not updating

I have boh a Buffalo NAS and a WD LiveBook NAS connected to the WDLive. If I drop new files on the Buffalo drive the WDLive sees them, but not on the MyBook!!

I downgraded to 1.15.10 after reading posts here, but no change.

I renamed the folder that I had placed new files in (from folder name TV to folder name Media) but the WDLive stills displays the folder named TV and the folder Merdia has not appeared :frowning:

Where is this information stored and how can I flush it or update it?

On the Buffalo drive I see hidden .wd_tv folder all over the place, but the MyBook does not seem to have anything like that.

Help please,


Hello, from the WDTV side you can first try turning Off the media library and from the My Book live you can try rescanning the library. Click on the following links for more information. 

WDTV  -  page 55 of the manual

My Book Live - page 114 of the manual