Files and folders disappear in HD connected to My Net n600 on Mac OS X

Hello everybody, I’m Simone from Italy and I have a little problem with my WD My Net N600.

I plugged in to it a WD 2TB external hard drive Mac formatted (Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)) via built-in usb and activated all sharing settings for the storage: Share (SMB), DLNA, iTunes, and FTP.

From the Finder (or the left bar on the windows) it appears correctly shared via SMB.
When I navigate through the folders of the storage I cannot see all the contents inside it.

To be more precise, some files and folders disappear the very next moment I open the folder that contains them.

It seems that it happens when files or folders have personalized icons or characters like “/” or “+” or “|”.
Is that the problem? I cannot search and change names and icons in 1 TB of stuff… What can I do?
Thank you in advance.


MacBook Pro - Mac OS X 10.9.2


Unfortunately, some special characters are not compatible with networking protocols.

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But what about icons?