File View and Search Handling is extremely slow

Hi folks,

I got a brand new WD Book Live 2 TB and already transferred all my music and movies to it.

But here’s the thing:

I am handling the files on the WDBL over the Finder from my MacBook Pro (2012) but it’s

terrible slow and takes very long to show me the content of folders with more than ca. 5 files.

Sometimes i have to wait for a minute or two to see the content of a single music folder! (with e.g. 15 files)

Also, if i search for some files in my “Music”-Folder (e.g. “.m3u”-Files), Finder shows me no results. But there are some. Even sometimes when I am IN a folder with a “m3u”-file, Finder shows me no results! But don’t get me wrong: I am searching correctly :wink:

So, overall, my complain is that it takes ages for me to look into folders with many files/subfolders (e.g. my “Music”-Folder has 790 Subfolders and is ca. 120 GB big), what makes an pleasant handling with lots of folders impossible.

Besides the solution, that my wlan-connection might be to slow (what it isn’t), do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Are you able to test the unit from a different computer maybe a windows computer to see if the issue is just with the MacBook?