File type (.dts) compatibility

Hiya folks

I’ve got a lot of DTS CD’s where all the tracks came in WAV packages but the actual audio carried was a DTS signal. As we know, the Live/Live Hub and everything play WAV fine, as well as these special WAVs with DTS. I would get full surround sound through each track, and the codec while being played back was listed as DTS, 6 channel. I have my Hub connected to my A/V Receiver through HDMI. For all these DTS audio files that came in WAV packages, I would just play them as I would any other audio file and the home theater receiver would recognize the DTS signal, light up the DTS indicator, and change the encoding and settings to my custom DTS settings.

The problem is with a new DTS CD I just got. Every single track is a .dts audio track, not a WAV container with DTS audio inside. I  can play these .dts files through VLC on my PC just fine, but they are not even recognized by the WDTV Live or Live Hub. For example, I’ve got say about 20 albums of these DTS CD’s on the internal drive of the Hub and on my NAS. They all work fine (There is a folder labeled “Artist - Album” and inside are all the WAV files containing the DTS audio. I created a new folder the same way as the others, both on the internal drive of the Hub and on my NAS in the same location as everything else. When I turn on the Hub, the folder doesn’t even show up. I assume it’s because the Hub doesn’t see any media files inside the folder, so it just ignores it completely. I would expect the Hub to be compatible with these .dts files but I guess it might not be. Does anybody have any input on this, or more importantly, a way to convert these .dts files into a multichannel WAV file?

Thanks much

You can put them in .MKV container
no need to convert, keep your dts audio

There are several tools on the Internet for converting audio. Google or start with . That’s not my area of expertise though.

If you want to maintain high quality maybe you could convert to FLAC audio?

I’m not sure about FREE software, but dbpoweramp may do what you want.

I kind of bootlegged a way using TFM Audio Tool and AC3Filter. I’m not certain how exactly it works but after playing around for a few hours literally trying every setting and combination of settings and configurations, I finally had success! It somehow ended up splitting the .dts file into 6 separate dts files, one for each channel. Then in the same step (I programmed a 1-click process), it would combine those 6 channel dts files into a 5.1 DTS WAV, as in 6 channels of DTS audio in a WAV container, which is what I wanted. It also magically preserved which channels go where and everything is in perfect sync.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. If anybody ever comes up against some issues like I was having, I’ve got the solution so PM me or hit this thread.