File transfers freeze after 3-4GB, have to restart the drive


Glad to be here, but not happy to have this problem. I’ve actually had it since I’ve owned the drive, I’ve just lived with it…

The issue is fairly straightforward. For the most part the drive performs flawlessly. However, if I were to right now go and transfer about 6GB of files (whether it’s one 6GB file or 1000 6MB files or anything in between), after a while the transfer would freeze completely and nothing else would happen. I have to unplug the drive, restart it, and after it reboots I can start transferring again, but sure enough after another 3-7GB it’ll freeze again.

This is a really annoying problem. I’m doing a lot of work getting home videos digitized, and I can’t move files around without a lot of hassle and time expenditure.

I’m running Windows 7 64bit, and was an early adopter. I was running pre-release versions until my preordered copy came and I did a full reinstall. I bought the drive in January of this year, and had these problems right off the bat. I called WD tech support about a month later and had the response that “the drive doesn’t work with Windows 7” (I wasn’t buying that one). I should add that I never installed any of the software that came with the drive because I don’t want it cluttering up my system. I shouldn’t need it anyway…

Does anyone know how to fix the problem I’m having? Is it a known issue? I tried to search for it here but I don’t think I was hitting the right search terms :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help you can provide.


I have just purchased the MyBookWorld 1Tb edition (white light) and this is happening to me too.

Running Vista 32bit.

Checked for firmware via the device and it told me it was up to date.  Only jst discovered this site and read about the need to update manually, so will check version tonight when I get home and if required will update and provide feedback here, however:

Have to note my disappointment at WD’s inability, after several years of this product on the market, to get this thing right.  Given the numbers of different issues I’ve read about after googling them today I can only suggest the poor development and support of this product is bordering on criminal.

It’s incredibly frustrating, and for some reason nobody has the answer. I’ll try calling their support line again sometime. Maybe they’ve figured it out since the last time I called, though the last guy I talked to certainly wasn’t helpful in the least.

It’s frustrating to have such a lack of support on a product like this…