File transfer to USB attached HD via wireless?

Is it possible to transfer files from the PC to an USB attached HD at the WDTV Live?



In your wdtvlive go to Setup->Network Settings->Network Share Server set that as on. Once that is done, in your computer click start->Run->Type in [\<ip](file://%3cip/) address of your wdtvlive>  this will bring up your  HD.

Note- Ip address of your wdtvlive can be found by going in to Setup->Network Settings->Network Setup.


Simon Mandy

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Or just look in your Network Places.

In Network places it did show up as \wdtvlive

But when I did try to open this, it says location currently not available.

Sorry that I was not specific enough in my post.

With the IP adress it works fine.

Thanks both of you.


I tired connecting to WD TV LIve.

It opened  the iExplorer with WDTV LIVE login window. & keeps asking for password?

I used the defined security password I set in the WDTVlive but rejected/