File transfer to mbl fails through wd2go

When I try and transfer a file from my pc’s hard drive to MBL using wd2go it simply hangs usualy saying there is 5 sec remaining but it never completes. Any attempted to cancel the file transfer causes windows to crash and I litteraly have to kill the power to get my pc to reset.  I was attempting to transfer small media files (~200-300mb).  This same problem occured when trying from a different pc from my parents house.

I was succesfull at transfering a small pdf file (7mb) to one of the user shares, but that same file would not transfer into the public share. 

I have a netgear wndr3700 router, UPNP is enabled and the correct ports are open.  I’m running win7 ultimate, 64bit. I have no antivirus software on my computer.  windows firewall is off.  Any one got any ideas?

I tired transfering a larger media file 4.4gb and around the time it says there is 92mb left it stalls. After letting it sit for several hours I get this error code:    0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect

Hi there, I’d give a call to WD on this one or try to catch WDTony, Batra or SatyafromWD in here!