File transfer route?

Just got the mycloud and had a question about transferring files. I have a WDTVLive hub that holds my movies. I want to transfer them to the mycloud as a backup. I am using my PC to access the folders on the hub and mycloud with windows explorer. When I transfer this way, does the data go from the hub directly to the mycloud? Or does the data have to pass through my PC first? I ask, because the hub and mycloud are hard wired to switch, but PC is wireless.


it goes through the PC. Not sure what the WDTVLive is but it is probably possible to do this from the mycloud SSH if you have Linux experience

Wdtv live is a media streamer with a 1T hard drive.

Unfortunately I don’t have Linux experience.

I can copy the files directly from the hub interface, but it’s more time consuming than drag/drop.


Isn’t this basically the same question asked in your other thread?

Here are several posts from the Internet that give general directions on how to use SSH to copy from a remote location. It will require one to activate SSH through their My Cloud and for the remote client to be accessible.

How To Remotely Copy Files Over SSH Without Entering Your Password

How to scp a folder from remote to local?

scp – Copy from/to remote server with SSH

I guess they’re similar. This thread was more wondering the traffic route,as I know little about networking. Because my PC is wireless, I was wondering if the traffic went through the PC or if it was going to just go from the hub to the my cloud. Being that it’s going through the PC, I now have to wire an Ethernet cable or learn how to sSH to maximize speed.

Thank you for all your help!

If you use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder or any computer based sync/file copy software the files would be transferred from the WDTV through your computer then to the My Cloud. Any time you copy files via Wireless the speed will always take a hit. If at all possible connect the computer via Ethernet cable to the same router/gateway the My Cloud and WDTV are connected to.

If you use SSH to connect to the My Cloud and initiate the copy via the various methods the above links detail, then the files would be transferred direct from the WDTV to the My Cloud bypassing the computer.

I think the big bottleneck is that the Hub is not a gigabit device and it uses USB2, not 3.
A wired gigabit system with gigabit network switches, and USB 3 drive connections to PC and speed picks up. I get 114MB/sec transfers between my devices and my My Cloud DL2100 NAS, which is basically the advertised speed of the NAS… Using wireless on any device can cut the speeds, although if using 5G wireless and a strong signal that would help a lot to speed wireless up.,

Hard wire your PC with a USB to Ethernet switch. Transferring a large amount of files via WiFi takes a long time.

You could SSH into MyCloud and use rsync or linux copy command but getting your PC wired in will probably be the fastest way to transfer files.

Thanks guys. My cable modem/router has 4 gigabit connections, but my
switch is not gigabit. Picked up a gigabit switch yesterday and a Ethernet
cable for my PC. We will see how it goes.