File Titles WD / Twonky

I have a few Videos in MP4 and AVI formats that seem to have Title embedded 

and cause Twonky to read them to a point of not being able to determine what they are. 

i.e. .VIT **bleep** Lgn_Case. title1  etc.   Anybody have an idea of how to possible edit the titles so that

WD and Twonky can work together for INFO and thumbs?


Mp3tag will work on the MP4s, but I don’t think so on the AVIs. I didn’t even know AVIs had tags.

Yup apprently so…  My problem is getting the file names “changed” on the WD… so that Twonky will 

display them properly… Even when I  re-set the WD… all the names go back to original file creation… blast