File text size

Is there any way to make the menu text larger. I don’t have a 40 inch plus flatscreen but love my WDTVLive. Used to use DVDs to view my AVIs and now i don’t have to.

I’ve searched high and low and cant seem to find any way to make the text larger.

A little help please…

Thanks in advance.

Nope…  Menu text is permanent.    You might go look at B-RAD’s custom firmware.   Not sure if his is any different, though.

Pity. That is my only complaint. I’ve been happy otherwise.

I can sympathize…  Ya gotta realize, these things were made for HD TV’s, and making them work on Composite is a convenience.  ;)

You might take a look at the WDTV Mini (which is Composite-based) to see if it’s a better fit for you…