File system is not supported

Hi, I got problem with my bricked MBL. I took it out the case, mount it on SATA on my PC and try to recover with DiskInternal. when the Diskinternal is run, My MBL icon got question mark on it, try to click but it got error “Cannot open disk : WDC…, at end. Check disk and try again” and at the bottow, it said " File system is not supported"

Have anyone come to this matter? or any other method to recover the data?


The internal format for the my book live hard drive is ext4 and is not supported natively by windows, you need to install a program that allows you to read it first. Check the link below.

Edit: Changed ext3 for ext4, thanks Tony.

It’s EXT4, not EXT3.

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Thanks Alucardx23. It seems its not working. The PC just dont see the MBL drive