File System free space reporting discrepancy (SMB shares in Finder)

My Cloud EX2 Ultra, with 2 USB devices connected. How does the NAS report/pass capacity and storage space info to a computer ?

in mac OS, the free space available on each device is:
NAS: 4.82 TB
USB1: 1.12 TB (formatted HFS+J)
USB2: 3.44 TB (formatted ext4)

in the NAS dashboard, the free space available on each device is:
NAS: 4.82 TB
USB1: 1.11 TB (formatted HFS+J)
USB2: 3.84 TB (formatted ext4)

USB1 and USB2 are each 8TB capacity.

USB1 appears as a USB device with 8TB capacity and 1.12TB free
USB2 appears as a USB device with 7.93TB capacity and 3.84TB free

mac OS finder reports the capacity and free space for the NAS and USB1 EXACTLY the same as what the NAS dashboard shows.

for USB2, finder is reporting capacity EXACTLY the same as what the NAS dashboard shows, but free space is mismatched (3.84 minus 3.44 = .4TB or 400GB).

this USB2 device is ext4 filesystem, the same as what the NAS uses internally for it’s drives. so why the difference in free space shown between mac Finder and the dashboard ? both USB devices have shares which are mounted in Finder with SMB.

400GB is quite a large difference and I am keeping an eye on it because if I underestimate how much free space i really have, I could end up overallocating and that will cause corruption on USB2.

My Cloud units are not secure so you might want to find a different solution for your Apple gear

@Vegan thanks for your warning, i take precautions on my end for my network so I am not worried about that.

just looking for some awareness/knowledge related to the OP

I have a MacBook so I can attach USB hard disks to my dock unit simplifying the problem

i’m still interested in sorting this out, especially as my available space on each of those connected USB devices - has been reporting below 1TB.

those external drives are used to store idential backup jobs (NAS—>USB), and with a recent backup completed I see 817GB free on the Ext4 drive, and 879GB free on the hfs+ drive. just to remind, both have the same capacity of 8TB each.

i am wondering if i can issue a df command on each mounted drive via ssh ?

as free space fills up, i want to avoid an unintentional overallocation and not sure if the filesystems on those USB drives can be trusted to prevent that from happening.