File system disappeared and files as well


I have WD Passport  MDL: WD1600U017-005

It’s breaked up on 2 logical partitions: FAT32 = 80GB and NTFS = 80GB

I watched video file from FAT32 partition. Then I started the next video file from the same FAT32 everything is freezed.

So I unplugged WD disk from USB port because of that.

Then I plugged it in again and that is what happened:

On Windows Vista both logical disks has RAW file system, they are empty and disk sizes = 0.

On Windows XP:

FAT32 file system is recognized, folders name are recognized, but they are all empty. Althought they should contain video files. Used/free space is displayed correctly.

NTFS file system is not recognized (file system is RAW) disk size = 0, and no folders, no files.

I would like to recover my files, so I tried some data recovery utilities, but they don’t help (they used for recovery of the deleted files from recycle bin, formatted disks, etc., but not for unexpectedly broken file system).

So does anyone had the similar problem?

Any ideas where to start to seek for the solution?

P.S. I apologize for my mistakes, because it’s not my native language.

You most likely corrupted your partition.  You can try looking online for a partition recovery software.  The only other thing you can do, if you have your data backed up, is to delete the partition and recreate and format it.