File System Check Failed (error code:36)


After a power loss, I performed a “scan disk” from “settings/utilities” menu of my My cloud EX2 ultra NAS and I got the following error message:

File System Check Failed

“File system check has detected errors on your configuration. Backup your data and recreate your drive configuration to resolve these errors. If problem remains, contact WD Support.”

What have I do to fix the issue exactly?

Anyway My cloud EX2 ultra seems to work fine.

Moreover what is the difference between “scan disk” under “Scan disk” tab and “disk test” under “system diagnostics” tab (in the Settings/Utilities section)?

Thank you

Hi alfaluca,

You can refer to the link:

Hi Logan007,
Thank you for your reply.
I am in contact with the WD support to solve the problem.



Hi, the same for me today, i’m in contact too with support, and wait about us…

wait & see…

11 days… i wait again about support return…

My WD PR4100 & WD EX2Ultra = a File System Check Failed

Settings - Utilities

  1. System config = Save config file
  2. System only = Restore
  3. System config = Import file

worked for me.

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Hi, I almost had a heart attack. I had the same issue and could not access any of my files.

The only difference is that I had my hard drives encrypted.

So, following your situation:

Settings - Utilities

  1. System config = Save config file
  2. System only = Restore

If the system asks to generate a new encryption, tell it to skip that for later.

  1. System config = Import file

Now, if you have encrypted hard drives, you must go to the drive section and click “mount.” insert the encrypting password, and you are clear to go.