File structure/sort/filter question

Hello all,

I’ve searched the forum for info on the topic I’m describing below to no avail. If I missed it, please be gentle and point me in the right direction.

I have a Live Hub with a My Book Elite attached to USB2, 2.5 TB all day. Lots of movies and several TV series in the mix as well.

In folder view when I select Videos from the home screen I get a screen with two tiles. One is the hub’s internal drive, the other is my exterrnal drive. Selecting either then shows the video load carried by the respective drives.

In view all I don’t have to select the drive, but, all discs are out there in the wild like a grade school playground. A scary place!!

So heres the hitch:

Sort by folder = Great usable view, drill down through folder to TV episodes rather than scanning by pages of season discs to get to the next movie title.

Caveat = I can only see the internal drive or the external drive at any given moment, have to back out to the drive list to switch between them. Thus a true alphabetic list of all available isn’t a reality.

Sort by all = Complete list of all available titles in whatever order I choose compiled from both drives. This is extra [deleted]

Caveat = To get from “The Way Of The Gun” to “The X-Men” I have to wade through 7 seasons of “The West Wing” and 9 seasons of “The X Files”. Thats better than six pages of tiles. In Folder view those series are represented by 2 tiles, then the drill down of course.

Also, all of the Bond movies are in a “007” folder, again represented by 1 tile in folder view or 22 tiles in view all.

I hope this is explained this well enough to get some feedback.

I’d love to read a work around or two if anyone has ideas.

Thanks in advance for any replies. You guys are a wealth of information here! Most of the issues I’ve had have been solved by just reading around this forum.

Thanks again!!

this  is more like a idea maybe you should post in the ideas section