File sorting slow, help?

Hi  I’m seeking answers on how to speed up data transfers across our My Book Live Duo 6TB drive.   My wife and I own and operate a small business dealing with photography and video editing and it has became rather pain staking to move files across our drive.

Both our laptops run windows 8.1 and  the drive is running the latest firmware.

Raw video footage can be up to40-200gbs+ and while transferring final compressed form of roughly DVD size 4gbs is hours initially, sorting old videos into new folders is becoming an issue.

I have rougly 4tb of videos to move around on the drive and without wanting to tie up a laptop for 30+ days, came here seeking anwsers on how to speed up this process.

I have tried using the ethernet straight to laptop for roughly 5mb/s transfer rates, 1.5-2 mb/s wifi.   I have gone as far as to edit via SSH the /etc/samba/overall_share with

  path = /shares
  comment =
  browseable = no
  invalid users =
  valid users = admin
  read list =
  write list = admin
  map read only = no

Mapped the drive and logged in via admin.   Attempted cut/paste method, have tried to drag/drop and it still is acting like it’s data transfers are coming to laptop before moving to just another folder on the drive.  The smallest of videos we have used to test on (roughly 2gb) is taking 5-10 minutes to move.

Any suggestions, clues, tips?  I’m stumped and rather *nix dumb as I’ve read of using ssh to file transfer, just totally clueless in that department.

Try the suggestions provided on the following link on how to improve your performance.