File size

Before I go out and get a WD TV Live Hub, I want to make sure I can transfer some M2TS files that are bigger than 4GB to the internal disk on the WD TV Live Hub.

Anyone know if that is possible? Is there a 4GB file size limit?

No none at all, you are getting confused with FAT formatting limitations.

I have .m2ts fies over 25Gb, the internal drive is formatted to NTFS.

But…moving large files onto the internal disk takes a very very long time. I have all my big files on Network shares mostly.

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^^^What he said. You might want to invest in an external USB hard drive if you plan on moving lots of large files. As was said, doing this via network connection, wired or wireless, is a painfully slow task on the Hub.

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Thanks folks,

I bought one today…