File size VS quality

if i have

a movie in h.264 1920x1080p that is 4g and 4000 biterate in video, first (is it still in full hd)?


a movie in h.264 that is 22g 1920x1080p and 16000 biterate in video

will i see a difference?

thank you

Full HD only means it’s 1080p.    Has nothing to do with the actual quality.

Yes, I would imagine that a video that’s using 16,000 kbps bit rate is going to be somewhat better quality than one using only 4,000 kbps for the exact same content.     How MUCH better?   That’s a subjective question…

I would say yes on larger (40" +) TV’s

On smaller TV’s and PC monitors even 720P can look great.

Most of my H264 MKV’s are between 8-12 GB and they are basically indistinguishable from BluRay on my 46" LCD for the average movie. Some films are created to be very “sharp” like Avatar or Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole -these movies will benefit from ANY extra bitrate you can afford. Other films like Saving Private Ryan or the Band of Brothers have a deliberate “grain” to give the film a a specific feel the director was looking for. Personally I find these movies tolerate a lower video bitrate.  -Audio bitrate is another issue all together…



thanks guys

i kind of agree with bertrandr from some test i have made on a 32 inches 1080p TV.

i will soon compare AVATAR a 22g 16 000 biterate a have with another one much smaller and keep you guys posted.