File size limit on My Book Live Duo

I’m a new user of the My Book Live Duo. I’m using it on both Mac and PC platforms, but mostly for Mac. I have a question about whether there is a file size limit for an individual file being transferred to the box? When I was setting up the box, I never saw an option to reformat the drives to a specific file system such as NTFS or HFS for Mac. Does that not exist for the the My Book Live Duo or did I not look hard enough. I want to format it for HFS since I mainly work on a Mac platform and so I don’t have the 4GB file size limitation. Can someone tell me if it’s possible to reformat the drives in the box or if I left it at it’s default format out of the box if I will run into any file size limitations. Thanks for any feedback.

No, they cannot (nor need) be reformatted.

MBLs use EXT4 filesystem, but it is largely irrelevent…

Thanks for the reply, Tony. I’ve never heard of the EXT4 filesystem before. I take it that there isn’t a file size limitation with it and should be fine transferring files larger than 4GB?

Maximum Filesize on EXT4 is 16 TiB, so that’s not an issue…

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