File size limit exceeded

Hello All,

I’m facing a bit of a problem with the WD sharespace. I have recently transfered all my stuff off my 2TB drive onto the storage space to realise that there was a faulty drive. After reading that when replacing the hard drive it wipes down all the data I of course worried. So I decided to pull all the data back off onto the 2TB drive and plugged the drive into the share space to transfer back.

I then found that it wasn’t showing up when browsing as a usb drive. I found a solution here on the forums being that I should format the drive from the share space. Which I’ve now done but now I face a new problem. I have a few files (.iso) which are 4.7GB. When trying to transfer these files back on they would fail. I found that copying over the file browser was slow as it would copy to my computer and then back to the usb drive (pointless) and I couldnt find anything like a file browser for a direct copy of individual files on the device. So I decided to do it over the CLI. I enabled SSH access and in i went.

I first found that it used BusyBox linux, so no problem here. The cp command is soooo limited that you can’t see what its doing. No verbose mode.

When trying to copy this 4.7GB file I got an error

“File Size Limit Exceeded”

Basically the formating made it so that the block size doesn’t support anything larger than 4.2GB essentially making DVD backup impossible to the formatted USB drives and if you want to mount them on the share space then you need to format them on the share space… so I’m stuck.

Would there be any solutions to this that anyone knows?

Much appreciated


I know that the Sharespace formats USB drives into FAT32 which is why your getting the file size limit problem, the only thing I can think of is to try formatting it into a different file system

you could try looking here to see which is the best for you to use

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Hey Wibblefish,

Cheers for your reply. Yea it sorta ■■■■■ that it formats it to FAT32 if you ask me. Its long out of date and for the file sizes that are sometimes used today it doesn’t work. I forgot about the limitations of it.

I formatted the drive again on NTFS default block size and it thankfully is registering with the share space this time. So I’m doing a full backup again. Hopefully it’ll go through this time and I can fix this drive.


Was there a reason you couldn’t just connect the drive to your computer and copy the files over from the sharespace?  After reformatting the drive to ntfs, of course.

my apartment is quite awkward I have my desktop setup far away from a network point so I have to use wireless. So copying a few hundred gig over the wireless caused it to come to a standstill so it was easier to plug the drive into the sharespace and then do a cp -R from the command line. Although that itself seems to take an age as well. It took me more than 3 days before to copy it over the wireless to the sharespace.

If I had a fast ethernet connection to the sharespace I’d have done that… or maybe just moving the sharespace to my desktop also would have been an easier solution. Anyway it solved the issue with a reformat anyway in NTFS from my desktop with default block size.