File sharing links and Hotmail

I posted a question about file sharing earlier in the week which was resolved, but I did come across another problem.

I sent a link to a pal so she could download a file on my MyCloud. She kept on saying she was getting an error message. I eventually discovered that if I sent it to her Gmail account she could download the file with no problem. The same happened when I sent the link to a Hotmail account that I have, but again no problem with my Gmail account.

Is this a known problem?



I haven’t seen this case before on the community.

Thanks for sharing. As a recommendation, please contact WD support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info:

Seems to be a “feature” of Hotmail that it blocks web links from unknown sources. Although there are some settings to fix it, I’ve been able to sort it yet.

Some have indicated that to get a pasted in URL to work properly in Hotmail one has to add a space after the URL.

That is not my problem, I use Gmail to send a link to a pal, but when its clicked they get the following error message.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

_<error_message>Request is not allowed</error_message

I have a Hotmail account which I used to monitor the problem. I get the same error message, but if I right click and copy the link, then paste it into my browser (Chrome) it works.

What happens if you use a site like TinyUrl ( to create a shortened URL from a longer URL and paste that shorter URL into the email to the Hotmail user?

Yes, that works. The original URL was 292 characters long. So it must be to do with the size not a security feature of Hotmail.

Thanks for the fix.