File sharing issues


I have recently brought a WD HD live & is quite impressed with its features, but whenever i share a folder with media from my pc (running vista)  though it gets listed in the network share, when i open the folder  it shows “there is no media content in the folder”. I have tried putting various file formats in to the shared folder.  


The odds are it has to do with the sharing properties of your folder.

Make sure you have password turned off, and you have “everyone” added to your share (on the Vista side).  And definitely do a reset of the Live (meaning you’ll need to reset your network settings, etc.).


If you select video, for example, and then go into folders that only have photo files and or music files, it will say folder is empty, or something like that.


Thanks, it worked out.



is it secure?


turkey wrote:


is it secure?

Is *what* secure?  Are you asking if you turn passwords off on your shared folder is it secure?  It isn’t within your network, but I assume the folks that live in your home can be trusted (if not, I wouldn’t live there).  It certainly is secure from the outside world (that’s what a firewall is all about, not to mention they still would have to login to your network somehow).

The one and only time I can see using passwords on folders is if you have young children and folders they shouldn’t see – but in that case I’m kind of an old fashioned parent (namely, you shouldn’t have stuff around that children shouldn’t see, and they shouldn’t be doing things they shouldn’t be doing.  My daughter would have been grounded for life if she got into any of my stuff while she was growing up, and she knew it and didn’t).