File Sharing Issue with DWG files


I’ve encountered some issue with a WD Sentinel DX4000 4TB.

In a small office environment, roughly about 10 users.

In a normal file sharing environment, when one user opens up a file, the next subsequent person who opens up the same file would be able to open in Read Only access eventhough if that 2nd or 3rd user has Read and Write access to it.

So here’s the situation that I face.

Assuming 2 users have Read and Write access to Folder A.

User 1 opens up Drawing.DWG file (AutoCAD) and does some editing or drawing on it.

While User 1 is doing that, User 2 opens up that same file, and can do his/her own editing or drawing on it also at the same time.

If User 1 save the file first and then User 2 saves it afterwards, whatever editing/drawing that User 1 did are gone, overwritten by User 2.

This isn’t suppose to happen. There are no message prompting that another user is accessing that file when User 2 opens up that same file.

Before migrating to this WD Sentinel DX4000, the file sharing is done from a HP Workstation running on Windows NT. There’s no such issue.

And this WD Sentinel DX4000 have been replaced with a new unit already. Same issues arises.

During the period when the DX4000 was sent back to the distributor for warranty replacement, a WD Mybook Live 2TB is used as a backup. Surprisingly, there was no such issue coming from this smaller unit.

The Windows update on the DX4000 are already up-to-date and so is the Firmware version.

This issue have been dragging on for more than a month now.

Did you try contacting WD about this?

yes, i’ve already contacted WD, their reply was to refer to AutoCAD as to whether their software works with NTFS volumes.

anyone can confirm this?