File share streaming

Hello all

I have a WD TV live hub , it is connected via wireless to my netcomm router. I have a BENQ joybook lite that has a file share on it and my hub accesses it no problem. The only issue I have, is when I access my file share to stream any video or look at photos, it is SHOCKINGLY slow! Is this normal? It takes about 2 minutes to get a 1mb photo up and the videos are unwatchable. Could it be my laptop? My router gets download speeds of 250 - 300 kb/s.

Any help would be great. Cheers

sounds like you are going through two wireless connections: pc to router, router to hub. That might be slowing you down somehow.

I sited my hub next to the router and connected by ethernet cable (to take advantage of the hub’s high speed ethernet port) and I don’t have a problem streaming wirelessly from my pc.

You really want your router near your tv unit anyway, as more and more accessories (blu-ray, ps3, WDTV, etc.) have ethernet ports and it’s better to wire them to your router.

You might be better off copying the files to the hub before playing them.

Interesting… I thought that wireless networking was the future?! ie I sit around and do it all on my sofa rather than have cables everywhere?

Also, I have my hub near my tv (so I can output) to it and my router is the other side of the room!

I’ll try and borrow an ethernet cable from work and get back to you.


If you do that and you find streaming still too slow from your pc, then perhaps your router or pc are running with a slower wireless connection that might be slowing down the whole system. Make sure you have a Wireless N enabled router and PC.

If I were you I would move my router close to the tv and hub.

If that affects coverage in other parts of the house you might need a repeater.

Personally I find I have to use my BT Home hub downstairs near the tv and an Edimax repeater upstairs halfway between the front and back of the house. But then I have an old house with brick internal walls.

Wireless technology may claim to be the future but there is nothing in the world that beats some good, solid copper in terms of bandwidth (aside from fiber, of course). Wireless is the most unreliable and slowest networking technology because of limited range, limited speed (that decreases with range), interference to and from other devices, and a plethora of other possible issues that simply don’t exist if you’ve got everything connected with ethernet. That’s definitely the way to go.

OK - so wired ethernet did speed it up. It does seem indeed that wired is the way to go. Thanks for your help team.