File retrieval from My Passport to New PC - need help!

Hi there, I have a “My Passport Essential” External HDD 500GB Drive (WDBAAA5000ABK-00)

Ok, here’s my problem. Originally I have used the smartware to back up my main PC, my laptop & my older PC. I now want to retrieve laptop & older PC backups to one folder on my main PC (as laptop crashed & older PC now in bits) & go through it all, delete stuff I no longer need & keep other stuff. This file I will back up manually once ALL sorted. Then I will use the WD Smartware for backing up main PC only from now on.

normally, I open the smartware to try & retrieve the backups but I cannot “see” any of the backups. If I go in manually I see all the files there, albeit well & truely fragmented into different folders. I just dont want to have to go through each folder to retrieve the backups - surely there’s an easier way!

Thanks for any help! (please!)


Hello! I gave the same advice to many on this forum. Smartware is bloatware and takes up a lot of resources. I WOULD NOT DEPEND on this software to back up your critical info. WD makes lovely memory devices but NOT backup software. They are simply doing too much here.

I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon backup software. Been using these two for years and have no problems at all!!!

Acronis is free for a month and Paragon is free software…

Let me know.

Thanks for the reply however it doesnt really solve my problem! When I manage to retrieve all my backups then I might go down your route… cheers

Its simple just goto the retreive tabs—look for the words change retreive volume (or something similar) and then you will see the names of all the computers that were backed up. Once you choose it the volume will be rebuilt and you are ready to start retreiveing. I recommend you call WD tech support  for a clear explaination if this response was not helpfull.

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ah yes, I see it now. cheers.

Had to update firmware & software - original software was just not working properly or wasnt working at all! go figure…