File renaming issue

I have been going through and renaming my movie files so that they are recognised for getting content info but there is a certain name type which I am unsure how to rename and so the content info for these films is not looked up. The name of  one of these films is:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011 (as per TMDB)

I have tried using:




 but still not luck. So how is the : in the title suppose to be shown? and what is the correct file name I should use?

Have you tried leaving off the year from the name?

Also you can try

Transformers Dark of the Moon


I’ll probably get some flack for saying this but -

I have never liked using a . (period) in a DOS file name except for marking the extension. I know it is a legal character to use and it is just MY preference to NOT use them instead of spaces. That being said all my file names are done thusly

“Batman Returns (2005).avi”

I get all my movie info via thumbgen and if the theme I use doesn’t REQUIRE it I leave the stupid Media Library turned OFF.

Right now I’m in the process of changing over to Tinwarble’s Coco beta theme. I deleted everything on my Hub with the exeception of the movie files. I have had one problem with the movie Heartbeat (1946) from the movie data base. It was crossed up with Heartbeat (2011). Since I’m a card carrying member of the movie database I signed in and found out what the problem was and fixed it, following their instructions it only took 2 minutes of my valuable time.

So all that to say: Maybe there is nothing wrong on your end. Maybe TMDB has a problem? Maybe it’s because it’s part of a collection. Try just “Dark of the moon (2011)” see if that might get it.