File pending backup

I think I’m another one who is getting the thrilling message “File pending backup” … this has to do with Outlook 2010. Also, at times I get another exciting message “the process cannot access the file because another” (that’s all it says) and they have to do with both e-mail address I have.

Is there a way for one to overcome this yet? Help will be appreciated. Thanks!

(WD MyPassport 750Gb model WDBBEP7500ABK-NESN)

muzzmouth, since you obviously are not going to get any replies to your questionaire, WD states it only backs up pst files every 24 hours. This is the way the software is designed to work.

Yup, that’s right, I didn’t know that until recently, I guess they do it like that because of the large number of updates that Outlook can do daily. 

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Am I correct in saying Outlook 2010 has to be closed down or is it ok to leave it up and going? Also, what if the computer is asleep - will the pst file be backed up spite?

Once again, the amount of answers to a question on this forum boggles the mind. One wonders what it’s here for? Anyway, maybe for those who cannot type, the answer to my question is - one can leave Outlook running and the backup will be completed within a 24 hour cycle.

(For any who cannot see this reply, please contact the administrator(s) immediately)

And today (actually yesterday) I realized that the pst files are not being backed up as stated by WD. I’ve gone 5 days and only noticed last evening, the last time my pst files were backed up was on the 2nd - not the 7th!!!

Having called Technical Support, they told me this is a known issue and that SmartWare does not back up pst files!!!

Super job!

It is frustrating not to get an answer and no indication of when the problem will be repaired.  Back up is one of the primary reasons for purchasing a WD drive.  You’d think it would be in the best interest of the company to make the repair as quickly as possible, but if the other on-line complaints are any indication, the problem has been known for months and the company has done nothing.  I actually lost a week of emails when my new system went down and I thought I was backed up.  For me even a week is a pain.

It’s too obvious WD is doing to do nothing about that problem. Consequently, I formatted the WDMyPassport and installed True Image. This consequently does the trick and backs up pst files no problem.

Man, even a free backup software program called “Safe PST” works 100% and WD software will not. Consequently, there’s only one thing to do with that garbage, and that is to delete it and use something else. I’m one of those who have had the joy of watching it being deleted and no problems with backing up now.  :slight_smile: