File pending backup - but for how long?

The one file which regularly has this message is my Outlook.pst file, holding my email messages.  I assume that while Outlook is open this file will not back up so I close Outlook and down every evening and restart it every morning, so Outlook is closed for over 10 hours each night.

Sometimes  the file will back up in a couple of hours, but usually it does not back up, even after 10 hours.  This is very frustrating.

Does anyone else have this problem, and how do I ensure that the file  backs up?

I am running Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.


I think that this is related to your request:  WD SmartWare only backs up Outlook files once in a 24 hour period 

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Thanks Vadir,

Now that I have gone into the Retrieve tab of WD SmartWare I see that there are 5 versions of my Outlook.pst file.  I now have a better understanding of how the software works.


I have a similar issue with particular data files for MS Access and Familytreemaker. When I look at the file list available via the Retrieve tab in Smartware it indicates it was last backed up two to three days ago! Unlike my previous MBWE II using Memeo s/w there is no visual indicator that files are being backed up after closing, nor is there the ability to set it going. Memeo might have been a little flaky at times, but at least I had the peace of mind knowing/seeing that my stuff was actually being backed up. Perhaps this could be an option in settings/preferences. I purchased this setup on the premise that it would be an improvement on MBWE II and Memeo, but am so far disappointed with my purchase in that it does not seem to perform as advertised:cry: My PC is running Win7 HomePremium so I can’t use the Win7 backup without changing over to Win7Pro (a $200 ‘upgrade’).

Call me impatient, but backup software that doesn’t backup on the closing of files doesn’t cut the mustard with me. I have re-instated my ‘old’ Memeo software which is now working nicely with the Duo :smiley: It’s not perfect or pretty, but it works for me! :catvery-happy: