File or Directory is Corrupted or Unreadable

I have two identical WD20EARS drives, both about 3 months old.  On one drive I have had several failures with the message in the thread title.  On the other drive, connected to the same USB dock, I have never had a single problem.  On the drive with the problems, I have run all of the WDC tests without any failure (or at least I think without any failure, the results are hard to read).  Since one drive works in the same dock and this one doesn’t it has to be a drive issue but I can’t prove it by test results.  If I send this in for warranty will it be taken care of?

Here’s the SMART information, showing what appears to be a whole bunch of attributes exceeding threshold and three Warranty items shown as 1.  Does the 1 mean it will be replaced under warranty?  Does this show for sure that something is wrong with the drive?

DLG Results