File options when in GRID view

New to this community and felt extremely compelled to get this out there. I have just purchased the 4TB MyCloud mirror and, like I would imagine a high percentage of users do, have dumped all photos from the devices of myself and my wife into sync folders I’ve created on the drive. This I’ve set up so our devices auto backup to set locations and can then be organised after into various share folders.

So problem is, I want to select multiple photos for let’s say from a holiday we were on last year, and move them to a new holiday folder. In the default ‘List’ view you can do this. You select the multiple photos and the options to move comes up and it’s very easy . . . if you can actually see the photos you want to select. . which you can’t . . because the thumbnails are so small.

So I switch to grid view. Oooh much better. I can see all the photos now and select multiple photos . . but wait, no options to move or delete etc. Oh my God this is a massive fail no? Surely this is a very simple fix for such a massive oversight?

I couldn’t find much on here about this issue (which surprised me) so want to know;

Is anyone else having this issue?

Is there something I am not seeing here that achieves what I am trying to do?

How can I feed this back to the right people at WD?

Thanks in advance


Are you using the Android 4.4.47 MyCloud Mobile App?

Hi, this is when using the application from mycloud. Com on my Macbook. The same issue does apply though on the mobile app of which I have downloaded the latest version. On the mobile app you cannot select and move multiple files when in the ‘photos’ view


Three years and no replies, forum is not much help is it?