File not found (404 17.26) - WDphotos app looking for deleted files

I had an old directory in my shared photos which contained 11,244 files.

It was deleted months ago.

My Iphone app still wants to look for it, still says it is there and contains 11244 files, EVERYTIME I TRY TO USE THE APP IT POPS UP FILE NOT FOUND…

Its right, it cant be found, it aint there!! why does it not clear its cache of sync properly?

I have never been able to use this app since installation

Someone please give me a fix!!


I don’t use this app, but I’ve read somewhere on this forum that you can go into options and clear the cache and resync the files.  I’d do a little more research here to find that thread.

To busby:  If you are on the latest firmware MyBookLive 02.10.09-124 : Core F/W - there is a new option to rebuild the WD2Go Database (which is also used by WD Photos).

Open the MBL UI page - click on remote access tab - Go down to bottom of page and expand the advanced heading.  In there you will find a rebuild button for the WD2Go database.  Click on rebuild - and allow the db to rebuild.  This should remove your deleted folder.

You may also want to remove your mobile device from remote access and re-add it after the rebuild completes - but check to see if the rebuild alone resolves your issue first.


Thanks, this has sorted it.


Rebuild database for me always crashes.

Any idea?