File Names under smartware.swstor backup folder

I have noticed that within my back up folder there are two of the same files stored for some of the files.

In the case where there is a duplicate file, one if the regular file name, like “songtitle.mp3” and

then second file is “songtitle@137d5d3e346a4cbfbea6bfe947f99834.mp3.”  

Obviously this is doubling my space and I would like to delete the one that is not the true back up file.

Does anyone know which is the correct file??  Thanks!

On this case I’d recommend creating a new backup from scratch. This is best done by uninstalling WD SmartWare, deleting the backup folder, and then installing WD SmartWare once again. However, in order to prevent duplicates, change the “File History” option under settings to “1” before the first backup begins.

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Thanks, Trancer!