File Names reverting


I recently purchased a 2TB WD Elements external hard drive to stream my video files (avi, mp4 etc) over my home network to my TV via a laptop and xbox 360.

I have renamed the files to make them more organised/search-able but the file names keep reverting back to their original names. Is this an issue with the hard drive, files types, network or something else?

I have noticed the hard drive/network/xbox is quite slow to update to changes. For example, I copied a video file onto the hard drive (0.5GB approx.) and it took about 24 hrs to appear via my xbox? 

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Hello Artizeng, welcome to the WD Community. This doesn’t seem to be a problem related to the WD Elements, any changes you make to the files will be immediate, like you say it could be that the devices that you’re using to access the files are slow to pick up the changes, I also recommend you to check the media server settings if you’re using one.