File names and metadata tags

Hi, If this has been asked before please show me the link. Some movie files that I have ripped from DVDfab have the “title” set to the name of the title that was ripped. Like “81755707_300__NA.Title25.BlurayRip” for the movie “300”. I can’t for the life of me, find anyway of changing that without re ripping the movie. MetaX seems to work for some files, but not for others. I don’t know why Windows 7 won’t let you edit that. 

The wd tv live seems to display the title (or something) and not the file name. 

Also, is there a way to refresh the “files: Folders” and/or the “Movies: Folders” listings in the wd tv live?

Thanks for any help.


I had this problem and it took me a while to fiqure out where the thing was. You can edit TITLE from right click and properties then the DETAILS tab provided it is on a local disk. This will not work on a network location.

Have tried it in windows 8. I am sure you can edit the TITLE the same in windows 7.

That’s weird! I tried that in Windows 7 and 8 and it didn’t work. Hmmmm … permissions issue?

What happens when you try? May be something to do with permissions… not sure.

This is what I get on an MP4


Not all files will have a TITLE tag. MP4’s do like the one above. What sort of files are you having the problem with. I have also just tried this on windows 7 with an MP4 and was able to edit TITLE no problem. I think the file must also be on a local disk and not on the network.

Further to my post. Seems I can edit MP4’s titles, but not MKV or MTS or M2TS or AVI

Murray- wrote:

Further to my post. Seems I can edit MP4’s titles, but not MKV or MTS or M2TS or AVI

Windows can only edit ID3 or MP4 metadata.

MKV doesn’t use either; it uses its own format.

M2TS, MTS don’t support metadata at all.

Not sure about AVI…

Thanks guys.

I found mkvmerge does it for mkv files. It has a header editor that you can use to change some stuff. Title being one.


It does seem to be rather hit and miss as it seems not all file type’s meta data can be amended there.

Thankfully I only had a few and they were MP4. Though I am sure I did have other types and am sure one of them was MKV.

I will have a look to see if I can find it and post back

Yes mkvmerge does appear to have some meta editing capabilities.

Hopw it all goes well for you. :smiley:

The wd tv live is still showing the old title. Do I need to refresh the list somehow?

Seems to be a lot to learn with this stuff. :slight_smile: Windows media player seems to have something to do with it also. I had to change the title there also, before the wd live would show it correctly.