File name / movie name discrepancy

Update for better clarification

When I upload a file from my home computer through the network to the media hub or uploadinf via USB sync

the file name goes in as

The Omega Man [1971]

when viewing on the TV on the media hub guide it says


If I select this file it actually does play The Omega Man but the preal propblem is I have a bunch of movies that are showing up that way in the onscreen video guide.

Can someone give me a heads up how to fix this?



You’re uploading a file to the hub, and the actualy FILE NAME is 

The Omega Man [1971]

… without a file extension like ISO, MKV or something?

Then when you look in the listing, it says it’s called


but when you SELECT it, the name changes back to

The Omaga Man [1971]

I can’t imagine how that’d be happening.

Sorry The Omega Man [1971].mp4 on my computer

after uploading to hub and looking at it form my computers network share it is still

The Omega Man [1971].mp4

but when I look at the files section or the videos section on the hub with my TV the file displays as


the hub is pulling the info from something encoded in the .mp4 file

Also I see the  name NEW.Title1.DVDRip when I go to play the video on my pc using VLC media player its on the top left… Im assuming when the mp4 was ripped form the dvd I put something in a title someplace and messed things up. Is there a way to fix this without re riping / encoding the DVD to mp4 with DVDFab8


You might try a program called 


to modify that field in the file.

Isint there a way to make the media hub use file names rather than tag information?

Nope; most people want tags to override filenames.