File name length

I am trying to copy files from my computer to an EX2100 recently installed.  After trying a large file I am comming up with file length name errors 86+ of them.  I have not fould a post with a fix except “shorten the name”.  I have had problems in the past copying from the work server to my computer, do to file name length and have managed to do what I need to keep file structure.  I would have thougt that a file saved on the computer copied to the EX2100 would not be a problem.  I have tried to remove some of the primary folders to shorten the length and still no luck on some.  I am not wanting to alter the file structure from how it is setup for work.

Thank You

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

This might be a limitation coming from the operating system, since you do not want to change the file structure its a little tricky, but lets see if another user can help you out with some tips and information on this matter.