File Name is File Type?

Using an WD TV Live to conect to a network. The computer which has the media has shared folders on this network. The WD TV Live is supposed to play these type of files (.avi, .mkv, etc…). I select Video, then Media Server to find my PC that is sharing the media. I find the file I want to play, and it will not play. The info for the file that the WD TV Live shows, indicates the file type is the same as the last part of the file name.

Example: Name of file is Video2011.avi   WD TV Live is showing that the file type is 2011. It does not recognize it has a .avi file type.

Any answers as to why? Or how to fix this?

Thanks to anyone who can hep.

The reason that the .avi does not show is probably down to the media server and has nothing to do with the WDTV. Try connecting via network shares and you will see the complete name. See if the file will now play. The live will play .avi files but it is a container and it all depends on the codecs contained within the .avi whether or not it plays.

You could post the mediainfo of the .avi so that we may see what the file contains.