File Name from my pc

How can the file name from my pc be saved or up loaded with the running file name 2018-08-07-1430, 2018-08-07-1435 and do on.
This is the time and date that the picture was taken.
At the present,

My cloud saves the file like…
Image-00123. I have to look at each picture to see when and the time it was taken:

Name of new files are device specific and depends on the device from which it is created. Photos clicked by mobile camera are mostly named with date, time combinations.
You can try to sort files under name basis, this may arrange files as per their numerical order.

We have all apple products here. When we click pictures and if I store them on my Space monkey, the file name is like 2018-08-22 12.30.39

When I upload the pictures to my WD the file name is Image-01243 and so on. If I want to find out when the picture was taken I have to open the picture and click on something else to get to the window where it gives me the date and time the picture was taken. This is what I don’t like.