File meta data not displayed across devices

I have a library of movies on my book live, that I access through the playstation, xbox, iTV, tablets, and I can’t see the file meta data, like album cover art, date/ genre  sorting, rating, etc… The only thing that shows up on my devices is the folder and file name. Very annoying if you like to see the album cover of a movie or song you want to play, or sort the movies by genre. I can set and see all the meta data associated with the files in itunes from a computer, and this works fine if I copy movies, music to the iPad or other devices. But when you browse media on the mybook live from the playstations for example, none of the meta data is carried over. So I get blank or missing thumbnail cover art images. 

Anyone experience this or have suggestions to fix the issue? 

I am running the latest firmware 2.10.09 - 124 (11/17/2011) on the 3g My Book Live.


That’s because, depending on how you do it, when you modify it in iTunes, it stores the metadata in its own database, not in the files themselves.

Use a program like MP3TAG to modify the file metadata.

Ok, I’ll look into finding a free version of a metadata editor that supports audio, video (m4v) files with no size limit. The program you listed doesn’t support video formats. The funny thing is, when I first installed the my book drive onto my network, i imported a dozen movies where i attached the album cover art my normal way through iTunes. These files showed up on my remote devices fine, but at somepoint I updated the firmware (updated iTunes) or had unknowenly changed a setting, and since then, none of the recent files i’ve added to the media server have the metadata saved.