File Manager

I saw in the Community - Request Forum that the File Manager was “planned”. Will this be added, via firmware update to the Gen 1 WDTV, like Gen 2, or do I need to go and purchase Gen 2 or Live?

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I’m not going to say

me too, me too    (uh… I said)

but  I think this is a must.

we all have two ports  to connect. 

just can’t get the point that this feature is not included  in the firmwares.  

I guess that no response says it all.

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after the live, gen2 and mini versions introduced into the market…

I think they forgot things about GEN1.


as a Gen 1 owner I would say any new updates from now on will not apply…

yes, file manager should be really nice.


With a files manager the WD TV would be best current market…

I hope for 1.04


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This feature is a must! How come that the mini have this FILE MANAGEMENT feature whereas it has only 1 USB port. A USB hub is needed to copy or move files. WD TV GEN 1, already have 2 USB ports, so it would be nice if users can copy, move or delete a file. No need to unplug the hard drive and bring it into a computer everytime you want to copy or delete files.

I’m hoping that this feature will be available on the next firmware upgrade. Please WD.