File manager (or any 3rd party app) for PR2100?

Hi all,
I’m sure that I’m not the first to ask, but I really googled it and couldn’t find anything :frowning:

Is there any file explorer for WD my cloud for manually installation (bin file)? The viewer WD provide is really poor and flash dependent…
The apps on their store are quite useful (for me) and all need an account which I really don’t want to create.
All I want is a file manager/explorer regular, simple… I don’t want any 3rd party to authenticate my access to my files :slight_smile: just file manager like QNAP have for example.

and btw, is there any website that have a list of bin files of apps that have tested for WD nas?

Thanks in advance.


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Sadly with OS5 they have disable the web file viewer that did exactly that. My cloud is no substitution at all but that is also WD is willing to suggest. This completely breaks so many things.