File Manager cannot delete files on network

I am using WDTV live with firmware 1.03.49_V. I have tried to delete files from a Windows 7 and Sharespace share with the File Management option. I get an error saying “Unable to delete read-only file”. The WDTV is logged in with a user account that has admin permissions on both the WIN7 PC and Sharespace. Any suggestions on why this happens or is this another “Undocumented Feature?”

Even if this worked, it’s pretty cumbersome. Has anybody suggested an option to delete a file from the media browser. Highlight a file, press OPTION and be able to delete from there, instead of having to back out from the browser, navigate to the SETTINGS, File Management and then try to remember which file you wanted to delete.

Happy holidays

I can’t comment on the first question because all my shares are set to “read only” permissions.

For your next question, I hope it’s not made that easy to delete a file by just pressing the option button during normal use – I would have half my files deleted after the kids have been on it. lol